Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 National Scout Jamboree JSPs to Trade!

Being an adult leader and making sure our scouts were well attended as well as out and about enjoying the Jamboree, my focus wasn't on patch trading, but that doesn't mean I didn't wish I had more time for trading!

As a result I still have some of my patches left to trade, as well as several cool patches I wish I had encountered while at the Jamboree to trade.

Here's my current wish list:

-ILLOWA Council JSPs with the John Deere tractors
-Malibu #566 lodge flap (not Jambo version - just standard issue)
-UT National Parks 2010 Chinese Dragon
-Western LA County (X-Men) Magneto
-National Capital Area Council (Any)
-Chief Seattle Council (Salmon & Whale)
-Bay Area Council (Halo) JSP & OA Flap/Pocket
-Erie Shores Council Pink Panther Ghost (Pink)
-Tall Pine Council (Flintstones - Any)
-Piedmont CA Council (Russel from Up - Any)
-Star Wars Set (2005 Spoof - Any)
-Great Lakes Council - Yellow Camaro
-Denver - Yellow Hummer
-Green Mountain Council (Benn & Jerry's Look)
-Frontierville/Farmville Spoof Set

I have several of my own JSP, as well as some sets and others I'd be willing to trade. Comment with your email address (I won't publish it) if you're interested in trading.

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