Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Review: Beginning Boy Scouts

In conjunction with this book review, we are giving away a free copy of this book to our readers! See details at the end of the review! Please note that the Authors provided me two copies of the book, one to review and one to give to you - but did not have input or sign-off on the review posted below.

In 2011, authors Jeremy and Heather Reed determined the Scouting community could use a concise resource for getting involved in Scouting. The result is "Beginning Boy Scouts; An Unofficial Practical Guide to Boy Scouting for Parents and New Leaders".

This book - focused on Boy Scouting in America - is not intended to be a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of Scouting. Brief mention of Cub Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing are noted, but the primary audience are those parents, scouts, and new leaders that are just being introduced to Scouting for the first time. Nor does it cover Scouting programs outside the United States, although some may find it useful for beginning Scouting regardless of minor differences. (Keep reading..)

While seasoned Scouts and Scouters may find this book helpful for fine-tuning their Scouting programs, it provides a very cursory look at most aspects of Scouting which are already well understood by most Scouters that have been through their training. Where these may find it most valuable, is helping parents of new Scouts or new Scout leaders in their unit get up to speed more quickly with a general knowledge of the Scouting program.
This book covers the following chapters/topics:
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Patrol Method
  4. Adult Leadership
  5. Meetings, Activities, and Administrivia
  6. The Uniform and Scout Supplies
  7. Rank Advancements
  8. merit Badges
  9. Other Awards, Achievements, and Recognitions
  10. Setting Goals and Keeping Track
  11. Camping and Outdoor Activities
  12. Summer Camps, High Adventure, Special Events
  13. Earning the Eagle

For new Scouts, Scout parents, and new Scouters just getting started, this book provides a quick way to get up to speed and establish a solid foundation in Scouting to help get you started. Parents with young boys who have not yet started scouting will especially like the Introduction chapter which has some helpful checklists and suggestions for selecting a Boy Scout troop that is a good fit for your son, and has helpful checklists for getting registered, uniformed, and up and running.

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