Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wasabi, & Chili, & Lime - Oh My! Part II

Ok, as of today the long awaited new products are available online!

  • Trail's End® Chili Lime Almonds (40oz) $49 ($34.50 returned to local scouting)

  • Trail's End® Wasabi Soy Almonds (40oz) $49 ($34.50 returned to local scouting)

  • Trail's End® Yogurt-Covered Pretzels (50oz) $45 ($31.50 returned to local Scouting)

  • I was pretty disappointed that they don't have smaller packages at a better price point. It's good more $$ stays local, but hopefully people aren't too turned off by the very expensive bag of almonds considering they've not tried them before. Would have been good to offer a large bag and small bag option.

    Anyway, it's about the scouts right? And it's for a good cause!

    So here is *yet another* shameless plug for my son who is earning his way to the 2010 Centennial National Jamboree, summer camp with the troop, and NYLT, and your chance to check out the new product line! Just visit Http://www.OrderPopcorn.com and input his unique code to shop: TEVP899 Then you can try out these bold new products and show your support for scouting!


    Anonymous said...

    Oh, boy. Waaaaaaay too pricey. I might try Almonds at half that cost...

    We got some pushback on popcorn prices this year. Even had people just write a donation. :)

    Latter-day Scout said...

    Johnscout - I'm with you. It just seems so expensive. They really need to have a more economical option. Either smaller treats, smaller packages etc. People just get sticker shock when hit with these $30-$45 options.. I realize most of the money stays with scouts, but it doesn't make it easier to swallow the pricetag.