Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Standing Up For The Young Men of This Country!

Recently Rebecca Hagelin posted this opinion piece at regarding the Boy Scouts.

Her opening paragraph speaks volumes:
Despite the negative images of males that the pop culture shoves down our throats, the hearts and souls of America's boys are begging for positive direction. They naturally delight in "guy" stuff like rugged camping and "cowboys" when they are young because they truly want to be protectors - to be the good guys. Anyone who has ever been around a five-year-old boy knows that he desires to be a super-hero who saves damsels, children and the elderly from evil. But as guys age they are constantly pounded by images of lazy or sexually predatory images instead of courageous, genteel protectors - and some grow confused. Radical feminism doesn't help - many teen boys even wonder if they are supposed to be polite anymore. Too many have opened the door for what they thought was a young lady, for instance, only to be screamed at by a suddenly vicious and angry female. Why would they want to take that risk again?

Isn't that why many of us defend scouting, and sacrifice so much of our personal time and resources to run the program and help encourage young men to grow into responsible adults, citizens, fathers, and contributing members of society?

In addition to more adults willing to support the program by volunteering their time, what Scouting also needs are more advocates like Rebecca explaining to the people in this country and the world that the values of Boy Scouting are not old and outdated, but rather fundamental to the success of our nation and defense of our very liberty.

Please take a moment to read Rebecca's article and if you agree, then please take the time to E-mail Rebecca Hagelin and thank her for supporting scouting.

I hope many of her readers get the message, and many more will begin to support scouting and that a resurgence of support will revitalize the program and its values.

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