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Example of Leadership

As I am a student of leadership, always wanting to know more and constantly on the look out for examples of good leadership, we have recently been handed a great example.

Last month Captain Chesley Sullenberger landed a fully loaded airplane on the Hudson river.
Now some may say, well he was the pilot on a plane that crashed... no this guy was a leader. Yesterday the audio of the event was released to the public. I listened to it over and over.... and over. To hear the Captain, you know this Pilot is a hero.
Now , I hate to throw the term Hero around. It seems anyone that wears a uniform or has endured a trip through the TSA line at the airport is a Hero now a days.
But Captain Sullenberger showed leadership. He was cool under pressure. He was clear in his thought and understood the situation and the consequences of his actions. He did not think of himself, he thought of the 155 passengers sitting behind him, he thought of the million dollar aircraft that he was lining up to land.
If we are looking for modern day hero's... Captain Sullenberger fits the bill. If we are looking for a leader, look to his example. If you are looking for an example of the values and virtue of a leader. Cpt. Sullenberger.
There are 4 leadership traits common to all good leaders. Courage, Candor, Competence, and Character. I am sure that you can find those four in our Captain.
In fact in an interview yesterday he told the story of his library book which was in his baggage. In all of this, landing a plane in a river, saving the lives of all the passengers and crew, and ensuring the safe rescue, Captain Sullenberger took the time to call the library and offer to replace the book.

We can learn a lot from leaders like this. A role model of good leadership, grace under pressure, yeah.. a hero.
Listen to the audio here.

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