Friday, February 6, 2009

Online Tour Permits

You can now file BSA tour permits online! Check with your local council to make sure they're set up to receive them.

Go to, and click the "MyScouting" link at the top.
Create a login if you've not used MyScouting before

If you don't see the "Tour Permits" link on the left column, enable them by:

Clicking on profile -> Modify profile -> Check radio button for tour permits and save settings.

1) You can save and maintain drivers/vehicles/insurance info and select from them for future permits
2) emails confirmation to you
3) Sends directly to council
4) Requires training records of adult leaders
5) Indicates tour permits need to be filed two weeks prior to event

You need a MyScouting account for online training and other great scouting resources anyway, go sign up today!

Good luck!

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