Friday, February 6, 2009

Online Training

"Every Boy Deserves A Trained Leader"

Any chance you've not heard that before? Not only do the boys deserve a trained leader, but we as leaders deserve and need to be trained in order to be effective, provide a properly run program, and keep scouting fun & safe for everyone!

To help, the BSA has several training resources online to make it simple to be trained in several key areas. Some of this training is mandatory to be a volunteer - even as a parent - and attend scouting activities.

For instance, every adult/parent that works or helps with scouts needs to take Youth Protection Training right away! This training has crucial information for not just protecting scouts, but protecting leaders and adult volunteers. There's really no excuse to not have every parent of your scouts go through this training. You can also print out your certificate of completion.

Other topics available online include:
ScoutParents Unit Coordinator Fast Start
Unit Commissioner Fast Start
Youth Protection Training
Safe Swim Defense
Safety Afloat
Staffing the District Committee
Weather Hazards
Fast Start: Venturing
Youth Protection Training - Venturing Version
Fast Start: Cubmaster Take Course
Fast Start: Tiger Cub Den Leaders
Fast Start: Webelos Den Leaders
Fast Start: Wolf/Bear Cub Scout Den Leaders
Pack Committee Fast Start

Poke around and explore these new resources. And if you have time, why not take them all?? The more training we have as scout leaders, the better we are for our scouts, and for the scouting movement.

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